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Hello, I’m Maureen and I absolutely love Coffee…

My Affogoto Desert set was born out of, intertwining my love of coffee with ice cream and liqueur. Nothing brings me more joy than to have people for dinner and to celebrate with a fabulous luxe desert, frustrated that there was no actual set on the market I decided to design my own.

As a true lover of both coffee, Liqueur and ice cream I know that these pleasures are best enjoyed in the company of kindred spirits. and has become a source of inspiration for friends and family, transforming mundane moments into remarkable ones. Whether hosting an intimate gathering or simply indulging in solitary reverie, every occasion is an opportunity to infuse life with flavour, Desert needs to look good and taste even better!!!

Picture this, a bowl of rich vanilla ice cream meets the intoxicating allure of Frangelico (My Favourite) Now, imagine a stream of rich, golden Frangelico cascading gently over the pristine surface, creating a dance of flavours and textures that's both enchanting and indulgent, The hazelnut's warmth mingles with the coolness of the ice cream, creating a contrast that tantalizes the senses.

Sipping the trio of espresso, liqueur, and ice cream is more than a simple act – it's an invitation to savour and discover. It's a moment of culinary revelation that engages your senses on multiple levels. It's a reminder that every sip and spoonful can be an experience of pleasure, a pause to indulge in life's finer pleasures.

Please feel free to experiment with the fabulous array of Ice cream flavours on the market, add toasted almonds to finish it off, some biscotti delicately added to the ice cream is a winner and great for extra crunch, chocolate shavings are an added favourite, there is no limit to your imagination.

And of course, if you would prefer, an non-alcoholic alternative will also pair perfectly with the espresso and ice cream!!!

I truly hope your love your Affogato set as much as I have enjoyed designing it and bringing it to life.



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