• Ingredients

    1 Serve:

    • 1 scoop of gelato
    • 1 cup of Espresso (about 40 ml)

    For Groups:

    • 3 scoops of gelato
    • 3 cups of Espresso (about 120 ml)

  • Directions

    Make a small cup of Espresso for each person. You can make the coffee, concentrated and of good quality, either with the Espresso machine or with the traditional Italian mocha.

    If this is the case, brew extra strong coffee. Put a little coffee in the cup so that it does not overflow once you place the gelato.

    Put one scoop of Gelato in the hot espresso and serve immediately.

    A second characteristic of the Affogato is the contrast between the consistencies. Liquid coffee vs solid gelato. Because GELATO MUST STILL BE SOLID when you pour the coffee.

    To have the creaminess of the authentic Italian Affogato dessert – and not to end up with a melted gelato in plenty of watery coffee – ESPRESSO MUST BE SHORT.

    This way, when you finish eating the gelato you can enjoy the excellent coffee cream left in the cup.